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Coming Soon: Stack Goblins!

Stack Goblins Promo Sheet 1.png

StoryBoredGames is the newest venture from StoryBored Animations and Devon House Creative. Using their passion for animation and fun, the team is creating their first ever card game Stack Goblins: a quick, chaotic game for groups of all sizes. 

In Stack Goblins, each player attempts to be the first to stack their Goblins to a set height. But it's not as simple as it seems! Other plays can steal their Goblins, play Warrior cards to attack or defend their own stacks, and Weather cards can completely change the game for everybody!

StoryBoredGames First Ever Card Game!

Stack Goblins Promo 2.png

Stack Goblins is currently in development and will available to the public Summer 2023.

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