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Since the emergence of Social Media, video has been proven to increase audience engagement.

An effective product demonstration, original web content, or testimonial video brings life to your message.

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Devon House

The Devon House Creative team are filmmakers based out of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Working together since 2015 they create everything from B2B videos and corporate ads to social media and documentary productions.

The team also specializes in subcontracting high quality video and animation for local media and ad agencies.


Motion Graphics are a central tenant to most modern web based video. Social media videos, presentations, and websites all benefit from polished motion graphics and typography.


The Devon House Creative Team

Patrick earned a degree in animation from Ball State University and has 5 years of commercial video experience. He specializes in motion graphic animation, storyboarding, and animatics. Two of Patrick’s favorite films are Total Recall (the one from 1990) and The Thing.

Nick graduated from Ball State University with a degree in Media Sales and has been doing commercial video work for the past 7 years. During that time, he has created original content for everyone from nonprofits and municipalities to politicians and international businesses. Two of Nick's favorite films are Life is Beautiful and Wall-E.

Daniel has been producing professional video work since 2012. He is a feature film director/producer and specializes in producing, lighting, editing, and organization. Daniel's favorite films are The Big Lebowski, American Beauty, Interstellar, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Patrick Rieth

Nick Rieth

Daniel Anderson

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